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Why you want a doula

'If a doula were a drug then it would be unethical not to use it' - John H. Kennell , MD

Because giving birth is a huge event and in some cases a really daunting one. 

Unless you get pregnant and birth on a regular basis, you've probably never been through Perth's maternity system before, or maybe it was a few years ago and you weren't to thrilled with the experience! 

So doesn't it make sense to have someone by your side that is trained and  familiar with the process of birth and the system?

A doula can improve the  experience, for you, (your Partner),and your baby in many  ways.  Results of randomised trials of the benefits of having a doula included “shortened labour, decreased need for pain medication, fewer operative deliveries, improved Apgar scores and fewer reports of dissatisfaction with the experience of labour”.

A doula can also reduce anxiety by being someone that you, (and your partner), can talk to easily and comfortably.  By helping you understand the process and  staying with you throughout your labour, making sure your physical and emotional needs are being met, a doula can significantly lower the risk of you experiencing the type of birth you were not expecting.

Let’s face it, the last thing you need entering motherhood is  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

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Your birth, your way

'What goes in, must come out.'

No two births are alike. They are as individual and unique as the women and babies themselves. Therefore it’s not one size fits all.  

As your doula it is not my purpose to try to get you to have the birth that I think you should have. Nor is it to take over and replace your  partner or your midwife. My purpose is to provide continuity of emotional care  and ease any anxiety that you or your significant other may have. This helps you plan and prepare for the birth that YOU want.

By providing you with evidence based research, (should you want it), I can help you explore the myriad of options available to you.  My role is to walk with you, providing you with the benefit of my years of knowledge, training, and experience in all types of birth scenarios...

If that means a home birth in a blow up pool, or a scheduled induction with an epidural, then so be it...It's Your birth, Your way.

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Your personal Doula -  just for you. 

Choosing a doula can be a huge personal step and not everyone is a good match. This is why my initial  consultation is complimentary. Call or email me so that we can have a chat and discuss your specific needs. If we don’t match then I can refer you to a list of other Doulas more suitable. 

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