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What Is A Doula?

Doulas are women (sometimes men but, not often) that provide non-medical, physical and emotional support to women and their families during their pregnancies, labours and the post-natal period. 


They give birth education and resources and encourage women and their partners in asking questions of their care providers, helping them to communicate their needs and wishes to gain a better understanding of the birth process, procedures and policies.


Doulas encourage women and their partners to use techniques they may have learned in birth education classes and be proactive in their decision-making.


Doulas support and nurture the birthing woman throughout pregnancy and provide continuous support during labour.


They are knowledgeable women (sometimes men) that stay current on the options you have during birth and help partners to participate, as much as they are comfortable, without having the stress of trying to remember everything they learned in prenatal classes. 


Doulas believe that your emotional health during pregnancy and labour is just as important as your physical health.


doulas provide a "continuity of care" that is often missing in today's maternity system.

Childbirth Education & Information Regarding Medical Aspects & Procedures 

While I DO NOT provide medical care or advice, I do have knowledge of medical protocols and procedures. With this knowledge, I can help you better understand the medical jargon and possible situations/implications/complications that can sometimes present in pregnancy and birth. 

Continuity of Care 

By building a relationship with you through regular phone calls, texts, and Zoom meetings, coupled with the odd coffee catch-up, you will feel relaxed and free to ask questions and express fears or concerns during pregnancy and labour. 

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