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Servicing &  Pricing 

Complimentary Phone Consultation - 30min

When hiring a doula, it is vital to find the right 'fit' to support you. This is why I offer you the opportunity to have a 'no-obligation chat so that you can ask questions and see if we feel comfortable with each other.

Hiring a doula is a decision that can change your birth experience, so you want to feel confident in your decision. 

Not exactly sure what a doula does. look here



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  • Birth Education 

Taking the fear out of birth and normalising it. 

  • Thorough debrief of previous births.

We talk about birth. What it means to you and how you feel about it with special consideration to any past birth trauma. 

  • Fortnightly/monthly, Zoom or Facetime chats.

Times mutually agreed upon as needed. These sessions are great to be used as a sounding board when something concerns you or you just want to vent about your pregnancy. 

  • Phone, email, messenger, and text support.

  • Help you formulate & write your birth preferences.

Discussing every detail of the preferences. 

  • 24/7 on-call period from 38 weeks until your birth

  • Use of the OBI tens machine 

  • Use of the CUB birth support stool. 

  • Two prenatal catch-ups (approx. 1-2 hours)

These visits are either in your home or a coffee shop. The visits are used to get to know each other better and I use this time to provide birth education and explore your birth preferences, labour positions, how your partner can best support you during labour etc.


Support you over the phone in early labour until you would like me to come to your house or meet you at the hospital or birth centre. During this time I provide comfort measures such as massage, acupressure, breathing and relaxation techniques etc. to help you remain calm and keep you focused After the birth I will stay with you until you and your new family want to be alone - usually 1-3 hours.


1 Postnatal visit in your home (approx 1 hr) dedicated to providing breastfeeding and newborn care as well as an opportunity to debrief your birth and answer any questions you may have. Phone, text, email, messenger or zoom support for the remainder of your fourth trimester.

  • Birth education

Taking the fear out of birth and normalizing it.  

  • Thorough debrief of previous births.

Special attention to any birth trauma

  • Phone, email, messenger, and text support.

  • Birth preferences

Help you formulate a birth plan, discussing every detail of the preferences. 

  • Sounding board for pregnancy concerns 

After antenatal appointments to discuss outcomes and any scans, tests, or hospital policies that may result from these visits. 

  • Plan how your partner can support you physically 

During labour with massage and various birth positions etc. 

  • Support you in early labour over the phone or on FaceTime or Zoom

  • Encourage and remind you and your partner of your birth preferences. 

  • Chat after the birth to debrief. 

  • Breastfeeding information & newborn support

Fortnightly/monthly Zoom or FaceTime meetings at mutually agreed times.

Doulas cannot
"empower" a woman.
What we can do is help her to see her
"own" power and encourage her to step into it.

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