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About Me

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My Name is Kelly Bardon, and I live in Ellenbrook, Perth, WA.


I am a wife and mother to six kids that I somehow managed (by a major miracle) to get to adulthood, and they, in turn, have given me seventeen grandchildren (because my life just isn't busy enough😒🤣). 

Now you would think that at my age, I'd be past all this baby stuff, but, just like other people have a passion for gardens (I hate it!) and others for art (I struggle to draw a straight line!) or cooking (I only have a kitchen because it came with the house), mine is for all things pregnancy, birth, babies and breastfeeding. So, here I am...

41 years ago, I had my first baby, and what a shambles that was.

Talk about green! I had zero birth knowledge or education and just expected my local GP to take care of my pregnancy and labour as he kept me on a 'need to know basis'.

And what a shock to the system that first birth experience was.

Guaranteed if I were birthing today, it would have ended in a caesarian, but they were much more patient back then. 

But what a train wreck it became.

And thank goodness for it, as it spurred me on to want to do it all over again - three days later...

I wanted a do-over, but next time it would be so different. 

I was never going in blind and trusting again, as I became determined to learn as much as possible and not make the same mistakes. I wasn't going to be the pushover that I had been and allow others to make decisions for me without my knowledge or consent.

So, I set about growing my family, educating myself, and eventually becoming a professional doula in 2016.


​Registered member of Doula Network Australia Inc.

I trained initially with Australian Doulas, and not long afterwards, I became a registered member of the national doula association, Doula Network Australia Inc. In 2018, Vicki invited me to become a mentor for her student doulas at 

Vicki Hobbs' Doula Training Academy in Perth, WA, a role I have loved. And occasionally, I fill in as a backup doula for various doulas in the Perth metro area.


Added to this, five years of experience as a breastfeeding counsellor

So, realising on my sixth pregnancy that it was probably going to be my last (and my pelvic floor rejoiced).

I needed to continue my baby fix somehow, so I trained to become a breastfeeding counsellor with the Australian Breastfeeding Association, where I helped hundreds of women feed and nurture their babies.


And while I haven't been a counsellor with this association for many years (I am still a member), I have not let my knowledge and skills lapse. My clients have benefited from my nearly 40 years of experience in this field as I have kept current with the latest research and regularly attend workshops. 

Every birth has been unique.

So here I am today, supporting women and their families, whether that be with a first baby, or seasoned parents needing assistance with subsequent labours. By taking the fear out of, and normalizing birth, I enjoy helping you to take back your power over this your pregnancy and birth. 

 I love working with you. 

Certification, Memberships, Associations, Training & Workshops

  • Fetal Monitoring for Birth Workers - Dr Kirsten Small - Sept 2023

  • Birth After Caesarian - Dr Hazel Keedle - Oct 2022

  • Childbirth Physiology - Dr Rachel Reed - Feb 2022

  • Microbiome Courses - Understanding the infant microbiome - June 2021

  • Birth Cartographer Training - Catherine Bell - May 2021

  • Australian Lactation Management Associates - Module - The Roadmap to Breastfeeding Success - April 2021

  • Doula Training Academy Perth - Vicki Hobbs - Refresher - 2020

  • Undisturbed Birth - The Hormonal Physiology of Childbearing - Dr Sarah Buckley - October 2019

  • Hypnobirthing Australia - Supportive Caregiver Workshop - Pip Wynn-Owen - May 2019

  • Pregnancy Massage Australia - Certificate of Pregnancy Massage - July 2019

  • Bump to Baby workshop - Feb 2019

  • Optimal Maternal Positioning workshop - Ginny Phang-Davey - May 2019

  • Effective Doula Support Physiological Birth & Variations - Dr Rachel Reed - Midwife Thinking - July 2018

  • Member Doula Network Australia - 2017 -Current

  • Australian Doulas - Doula Certificate - May 2016

  • Counsellor with Nursing Mothers' Association (ABA) - Jan 1992 - 1997

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